Hurricane Protection

Hurricane Protection with Grand Cay Harbor


Past Storm Damage

Hurricane Ike, in 2008, was considered to be an engineer’s perfect storm to test the integrity of the levee.   This storm’s eyewall came right down the center of Galveston Bay.  Water levels were considerably higher than Carla outside the confines of the levee.  All land masses along Galveston Bay on the outside were underwater.  The following images demonstrate the havoc created by this storm.  From boats being wrecked up and down the coast to the many subdivisions on the Bolivar Peninsula being leveled and washed away,... 

...Grand Cay Harbour was not affected.

Be Protected

Grand Cay Harbour is located along the shores of Galveston Bay behind the hurricane protection levee.  This levee system includes a huge 51’ x 53’ gate opening adjacent to our project that was constructed after the catastrophic storm event by Hurricane Carla in 1961.  Completed in 1963, this levee has since successfully protected all of the properties located behind it.  Rising water due to a storm event has not been an issue and is why... 

...the homes constructed in Grand Cay Harbour are not required to carry flood insurance. 

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